“NN) Original sk8r girl, Avril Lavigne, on her way to the altar. 

 Avril Lavigne is engaged to musician Mod Sun

NN) Original sk8r girl, Avril Lavigne, on her way to the altar. The Canadian singer revealed on Thursday that she is engaged to fellow musician Mod Sun.

Both were sitting in a boat in the river with the Eiffel Tower. Champagne flowed in, a violinist played - and yet Lavigne said the proposal was a "total surprise".

Sun (whose real name is Derek Smith) shared photos of the proposal on Instagram with a poetic caption: "The day we met, I knew you were the one.

Together forever are our days." Lavigne and Mod Son appeared to be working on their new album, "Love Sucks", which maintains the punk-pop aesthetic of Lavigne's earlier work.

The "Girlfriends" Canadian singer stated that they "had a very strong unstoppable relationship" within the first week of writing together.

“"I look forward to having fun, creating, working together, hanging out together, growing together," Lavigne told People.

“(Lavigne begins touring at the end of April, with Mod Sun as one of her supporting acts.) Let us tell you that Lavigne has been married twice before:”

“Mod Sun previously dated former Disney actress Bella Thorne, from Even 41's Derrick Whibble and then Nickelback frontman Chad Kroger.”

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